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Ceramic tile ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-12-19

believe that many people before decorate for ceramic tile had a lot of understanding, this small make up just to make a brief introduction of the relevant contents about ceramic tile ceramic tile, hope that those who want to tile friends can little detours, one pace reachs the designated position! Here is a simple and see! ( ceramic tile)

1。 Before the tile must be fully immerse ceramic tile, before soaking must clean up the surface of ceramic tile, then soak in water, soaking time at least 2 hours, this is in order to make the ceramic tile is fully absorb moisture, so ceramic tile in the shop is stuck don't absorb moisture in the material, will not lead to material because of water loss and paste is not strong, appear to fall off, the phenomenon of empty drum. These are all has a scientific basis.

2。 In order to can not stick the tile slanting, it is necessary to set up an auxiliary line, this is to ensure that after the shop is stuck ceramic tile surface smooth and can keep horizontal even vertical, also in the commit suicide by hanging vertical leveling layer of metope, then set the horizontal line, so the ceramic tile after the shop is stuck is beautiful.

3。 Tile to paste, according to the order is not messy, everything is ready before he can start to tile. However, it is important to note here shop sticks ceramic tile, floor must be carried out in accordance with the order. The first thing to start Windows where the shop is stuck, again from the bottom up, from left to right to shop sticks ceramic tile shop sticks order. Metope screed-coat when ready, with a shovel cement mortar daub is on the back of the tile, and ceramic tile directly on the wall. shop is stuck, must use rubber hammer or shovel handle gently knock on ceramic tile surface, so that the adhesion of ceramic tile will be stronger, will not appear fall off phenomenon.

4。 If is waterproof stick decking tile, should pay attention to is a lot more, because made waterproof back wall surface water will be more bad, so done waterproof wall ceramic tile is in need to reinforced with ceramic tile adhesive, lest produce outdoor wood deck tiles phenomenon.

this is a time when this issue about the ceramic tile ceramic tile should pay attention to some related problems, if you find this article helpful to you, welcome to our website! Here are the most authoritative information, want to decorate a friend, don't miss! Finally thank you for watching! ( ceramic tile)

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