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Ceramic tile can use what method chosen

by:JIABANG     2020-12-31

believe we all know that want will learn how to choose a good ceramic tile, only learn to choose good will find good quality ceramic tile ceramic tile, ceramic tile selected can use what method?

1, exterior colour and lustre is uniform, the surface gloss and smoothness is better, Except for special process) , especially the polishing ceramic tile more attention should be paid to their gloss, the higher the gloss, explain the polishing craft masterly, relative hardness also higher and higher, thus bibulous rate is low, the wear-resisting degree is higher. 2, prevent pollution potential better. On the surface of ceramic tile drop a drop or two of ink or colored water, after half an hour with a wet cloth to wipe the, if have obvious traces its easy ooze. Basic didn't leave a trace, prove its good antifouling potential. 3, too big dimension deviation. The four bricks spell in together, should be neat, no obvious dislocation phenomenon. Size error is greater than zero. 5 mm, flatness is greater than zero. 1 mm products, not only increases the difficulty of construction, at the same time, after decorating effect is bad, can not be used in engineering. 4, bibulous rate to joint requirements. Bibulous rate is lower, illustrating its products the higher density, the less easy to penetrate. Usually color ceramic tile is not more than 10%; No glaze porcelain tiles ( Including polishing outdoor wood deck tiles) Shall not exceed 0. 5%; Glaze porcelain tiles is not greater than 1%. 5, see ceramic tile quality is qualified. is decorated with joint between the block and block stick quality basically see height is greater than zero. 5 mm, the overall surface roughness in the 2 meters long range is larger than 2 mm, seam straightness within 5 meters length for more than 3 mm, any more than the scope of all belong to decorate quality is unqualified. 6, listen to the voice ceramic tile. Identify how internal quality decking tile, by watching is invisible, can use tapping method, from the sound. Can choose ceramic tile with what method is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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