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Ceramic tile can maintain what methods

by:JIABANG     2020-08-22

outdoor ceramic tile is one of the biggest building materials household use area, the service life of ceramic tile, though has a lot to do with the quality of the ceramic tile, but there is no denying the fact that the day after tomorrow the maintenance is also very important. What method does so ceramic tile can maintain?

1, polishing brick, in addition to wax stains

although polishing outdoor wood deck tiles is not easy to accumulate dust, more easy to clean. But using time grew, pores on the surface of the polishing brick exposure in the outside, will soak, polishing outdoor wood deck tiles is difficult to clean, surface loses luster, become old. Therefore, we should be conducted on a regular basis the waxing process, time interval is 2 - It is advisable to 3 months.

2, archaize outdoor wood deck tiles along the grain cleaning

archaize brick, the surface has a concave and convex texture, in pursuit of the effect of realistic, log when clearing along the texture. If you have tea or other daily necessities to outdoor ceramic tile surface, can be used for household detergent wash with water along the texture, can make the ceramic tile more luster.

3, glazed tile juncture place clean up

the cleanness of glazed tile is relatively simple, but the place of ceramic tile juncture shelter evil people and practices easily. Dip in use brush first a few decontamination creams to remove dirt, and then use hair brush a waterproof agent in aperture place, water can prevent ooze not only so, but also can prevent mould to grow.

4, ceramic tile stubborn stains with decontamination creams

ground besides daily sweep and mop the floor of the ceramic tile, ceramic tile aperture, horns of stubborn stains, we can use muti_function decontamination creams, regular cleaning and maintenance, keep the ceramic tile was clean and bright.

5, place of ceramic tile juncture with toothpaste opportunely

at the corner of the main raw material of ceramic tile juncture is the putty and white cement, smeary adhere on it after it is hard to scrub clean, choose toothpaste has a strong cleaning effect, can also clear the stains. For kitchen hearth place of ceramic tile juncture, after cleaning, can drop on candles for prevention of oil pollution.

ceramic tile can maintain which methods is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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