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Ceramic tile bit knowledge

by:JIABANG     2020-12-10

in general, the ceramic tile in the shop, after many times or processing, such as punch to ceramic tile, can wear a wire or drainage operations such as, now that is boring, so long are certainly use bit of ceramic tile, a lot of people will wonder what should choose the specifications are still need how to operate? To make a brief introduction of this small make up! ( bit)

in general ceramic tile of the specifications of the drill to choose according to the required to determine the bolt size. Calculation formula is: nominal diameter bolt threads + 2 = bit diameter required. If punch more than 10 mm hole in ceramic tile, recommended for two times. With 6 - for the first time 8 mm diameter bit hit holes in advance, and then with the required diameter reaming drill bit, so you can make sure the tile does not break.

here is a brief introduction of drill holes with tiles of the basic operation:

1. The position of the punch to delimit ahead of schedule, it is important to note here can't appear any mistakes. ( Note also don't have a corresponding position inside the wall, water and electricity lines)

2。 If use ceramic tile drill, to punch on ceramic tile, the sloping direction first hit a hole to the pit; Otherwise smooth ceramic tile is too bad; Or is not a complete ceramic tile, use nail straight out of a small pit; Again want to accurate, also can use one has holes ( Size suitable) Board of the best.

3。 Set of the hit a shallow marks can remove the orifice plate, and then are prepared ahead of a water bottle, bottle cap on drill a hole, filled with water in the bottle. Then, as to the water at the same time punching zi to drilling and ceramic tile contact area; Especially the ceramic tile, must have water, if there is no water on the one hand can cause ceramic tile is easy to damage, easy on the other hand will cause a lot of smoke, damage is also trouble.

5。 When punching, through ceramic tile, continue to hit the depth of the screw. Pay attention to the play of a hole, remove the glass bit, the obstructed the hollow part of the dredging of the bit.

this is to use decking tile to drill holes, a few basic operation should pay attention to the points or more, but if you are not very confident about her own skill must find people to help, lest aftermath of kung fu, finally thank you for watching! ( bit)

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