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Ceramic tile back, ok?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-01

ceramic tile of gum because many a bit set in one, two, and gradually become decorate ceramic tile back to be bestowed favor on newly let's see ceramic tile adhesive back how to use it. ( back)

due to its high bonding strength, water resistance and freeze resistance, aging resistance and convenient construction, ceramic tile adhesive instead of traditional yellow sand cement. The adhesive strength several times that of cement mortar, widely used in all kinds of wall and indoor. , floor, bathroom, kitchen and other renovation and construction site. Let's take a look at the classification of ceramic tile adhesive, the use of outdoor ceramic tile adhesive, as well as the top ten brands of outdoor ceramic tile adhesive.

A, no. 1 for ordinary outdoor ceramic tile adhesive, suitable for all kinds of small wall outdoor wood deck tiles granite floor tiles or ordinary mortar surface.

b, 2 for the enhanced ceramic tile adhesive, it has strong cohesive force and the drip proof ability, can use wall outdoor wood deck tiles, the mortar paste surface, such as wood, etc.

C, 3 is a heavy outdoor wood deck tiles tile glue, this product has high adhesion, flexibility is strong, can resist the bonding layer stress caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction, and can be used for gypsum board, fiberboard, plywood or veneer old and various size larger block.

building wall should be wet ( The wet dry) And keep a certain degree of flatness, uneven or rough parts, application materials such as cement mortar leveling; Basic must remove float ash, oil, wax, lest affect bond; Within 15 minutes after ceramic tile paste can be mobile and rectified.

water cement ratio is about 1. After mixing the glue should be within 5 ~ 6 hours ( About 20 degrees temperature) Use up; Blending adhesive coated on the back of the paste brick, and then you push hard on the until its level. Because the material is different, the actual consumption is different, generally at least 4 per square metre. 5 ~ 6 kg, thickness is about 2 ~ 3 mm.

curing speed, good transparency, but in the process of vulcanization will release of acetic acid. It has, a sharp taste, a corrosive action on metals, coated glass, and some inorganic materials.

curing shrinkage of small, small flood erosion, for the majority of base material without corrosion; The fluorine material, plastic steel and white marble poor adhesion; High temperature construction; Alcohol molecules generated because of the too fast reaction to evaporate in a timely manner, the formation of air bubbles affected the construction quality. DNA type tw: under the condition of suitable high temperature can form good adhesion, won't produce bubbles, for copper and mirror industry have micro corrosion effect, shrinkage rate is greater than the type of alcohol.

to ban the use of structural adhesive in assembly structure;

is not applicable to seep oil solvent, plasticizer, or other building material surface, not suitable for frost or wet surface, buried in the ground or long-term immersion state; Do not apply to the paint surface, because paint surface may seal failure caused by the oil film cracking or spalling; Not suitable for direct contact with food or prone to mechanical wear; When building material surface temperature below 4 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃, unfavorable construction.

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