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Ceramic tile aperture how to deal with?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-06

if you want to say is decorated in a part of the more difficult, a lot of people will be think of outdoor ceramic tile, because this part is the most cost was also high in details, this small make up to simple about this ceramic tile aperture related questions of how to deal with! After all is about you decorate the overall effect, so to be reckoned with, hope you can help to you!

1。 A lot of people don't understand why the ceramic tile must leave a gap, feel not very nice, but in fact is the principle of science, the outdoor ceramic tile in the middle to seam, because ceramic tile can have the problem of heat bilges cold shrink, and even with a batch of ceramic tile, also has certain size error, so the shop sticks ceramic tile, the middle have to seam, so construction workers also convenient to adjust.

2。 So in general before the ceramic tile aperture is how to calculate is the best? There is no unified standard, this is depends on the situation of the individual to decide, because the gap in addition to meet tile itself factor of heat from the cold outside, still need to combine the decorative effect of ceramic tile shop sticks. But if ceramic tile gap is too big, not only is bad to do, don't look good.

3。 Different place of ceramic tile aperture is also different, generally speaking, hutch defends the wall outdoor wood deck tiles of the size of the seam in general should be 1 - 1. Around 5 mm, not less than 1 mm, can be as a reference by pneumatic nail or bags. Special effects can also be gap widened, such as 5 mm. The granite floor tiles, such as bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles generally in seam is 1 when the shop is stuck. 5 - About 2 mm. In construction of workers, shall, according to their own needs, timely observation aperture of the outdoor wood deck tiles.

4。 If you feel that the gap between the ceramic tile not good-looking, is you can use this beautiful seam an agent, operating methods are not difficult, is simply the beautiful seam an agent into glue guns, then slowly expiratory material evenly into the slot, play together, 0. 2 meters) After using wedge block of material mouth first, again with small scratcher or finger to the seam an agent scrape to evenness immediately. This is the basic operations, feel the craft of if not the best is to find a professional staff to help!

this is some related contents about the ceramic tile seam in current, if you want to know how to make this tile seam is good-looking and practical words may search in our website, and finally thank you for watching!

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