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Ceramic tile Angle of chamfer or not?

by:JIABANG     2020-09-26
Speaking of ceramic tile, believe everyone is familiar with! As we all know, we Chinese have the laudatory title of 'China', thus it can be seen in our ceramic tile of China's status is not allow to ignore. But a lot of friends at the time of shop sticks ceramic tile, struggle two problems: decking tile chamfering is what mean? chamfering or fail Angle? Let's see what! chamfering - — Meaning chamfering is our ceramic tile in the shop sticks ceramic tile, will meet Yang Angle, and the side of the ceramic tile shop sticks up afterwards will not good-looking, so will be grinding ceramic tile side into 45-degree Angle, then spell it. In fact the chamfering process is ceramic tile, also called dou Angle. chamfering - — There will be a problem 1. Tile grinding Angle process requires a lot of work, at the same time, technical requirements of workers is also very high. 2. Bad quality of ceramic tile edge is not straight, there will be a outdoor wood deck tiles grinding prone to detonation and wait for a phenomenon. 3. After edge grinding ceramic tile, tile edge will become thinner and more fragile, it is easy to break. 4. Edge grinding noise and dust will cause a lot of pollution, not conform to the trend of environmental protection. 5. Time is long, can appear ceramic tile joint aperture, into the dust dirty not health. chamfering - — The benefits of using Yang horn line 1. Safety protection, circular arc Angle to reduce the harm of collision. 2. Installation is simple, save work, saving time and material. With horn line of ceramic tile or stone without mo Angle, chamfering. 3. Packaging beautiful, beautiful. Horn line surface smooth, straight lines, can effectively guarantee the package edge fillet straight, make the decoration edges more stereo aesthetic feeling. 4. Colour diversity, can be the same color is tie-in, do outdoor wood deck tiles surface, edge consistency, can be different color is tie-in, form contrast. 5. Can effectively protect the ceramic tile edges. 6. Product environmental protection performance is good, the various materials used have no adverse effect on the human body and environment. chamfering - — Considerations for ceramic tile Angle of chamfer or not? Believe that everyone knows! From the above we can know, ceramic tile chamfering can appear many problems, and use external Angle line not only can avoid these problems, and the installation is more simple, environmental performance, etc, will be many more good. So, if conditions permit, it is best not to do chamfering ceramic tile, use Yang horny line is actually a good decision. Epilogue: to introduce the above the chamfer is what meaning, ceramic tile and ceramic tile the knowledge of the Angle of chamfer or not good, hope can give some help to everybody. Shop sticks ceramic tile, except to ensure that the beautiful degree, but also pay attention to its fastness etc. So, after enter the shop sticks ceramic tile this link, the owners have to do, to create a warm and comfortable home!
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