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Ceramic tile and wooden floor which good

by:JIABANG     2021-05-26

a lot of people are always in the room when the shop is stuck between ceramic tile floor and wooden floor between hesitate, perhaps because not clear the merits and demerits of the tiles and wooden floor, or perhaps don't familiar with wood floor, ceramic tile for everyone for tiles and wooden floor puzzle, let below small make up for us.

wood floor tile which good?

1, like floor of wood of a few big reasons, natural lumber of natural texture, comfortable and beautiful, have the so-called grade. Spread wooden floor, if the bedroom is not only the foot feels comfortable, and can greatly reduce the floor impact sound, make the bedroom warmth, quiet. Wood floor more tender, if there is old person, child home fell, wooden plate is not easy to walk too much damage, but if is the granite floor tiles, more serious will fall off.

2, preference for the reason of ceramic tile, decking tile now several big obvious: easy to maintain, maintenance is simple, not easy to hide the dirt, no air pollution, long service life, generally will not be scratched, case become warped, etc. If it's convenient for you more, and choose the circular. The size of the floor tile of design and color is very rich also, decorate effect and the effect of the wood floor, with convenient, only need to scan, brush a brush to clean.

what is the difference between wood floors and ceramic tile? For cleaning maintenance: for the floor and floor tile, because the ground area is the same size, regular cleaning, Such as dust, grease, water cleaning) The cleaning time, pay a strength, get effect is the same. But because the floor has a gap, so oily be soiled, water can enter the floor crack, so serious damage to the floor, and floor tile is almost no damage. For insulation performance: the heat preservation of indoor temperature of the floor, the floor tile because of the high heat conduction, heat preservation performance is relatively poor. Especially in no heating is approaching spring or autumn and didn't open central heating in the winter, the ground is the sense that gives a person will be very cold, uncomfortable, if the house position toward the north, it will be more serious. For personal protection: families with children and the elderly, due to the naughty active of children and the old man's action inconvenience, prone to falls and scratches family small accident, the floor tile for the damage of the elderly, children, being more serious than the floor. In psychological induction: as the most common ground is floor tile, and outdoor pavement surface and floor tile, usually no more than is on the quality, workmanship, material due to the difference of function and consumption have distinction. Many is surrounded by a floor tile city crowd all hope in their own home is different, so the shop floor.

that's small make up to you organize some information about the tiles and wooden floor, hope everyone can read the content, in decorating a process to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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