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Ceramic tile and wood floor which good?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-19

at the time of indoor decoration, believe a lot of friends had confused, that is how to decorate with ceramic tile and wood floor of which is the best choice, in fact, both have swing, more is to look at each person's demand to measure is correct, this small make up to give you a simple note!

the advantage of wooden floor

1. A huge advantage of wooden floor is the practical and not easy damaged, real wood floor is made, a large piece of wood on the market today of real wood floor is 18 mm thickness standard, this kind of thickness to ensure that the wear resistance.

2。 From security is commendable, because the material comes from the nature, so compared with outdoor ceramic tile, it also reflected in the advantages of no electromagnetic radiation, at the same time does not contain harmful substances, literally no harm to human body. Only manufacturers of brand products, users don't need to concern about environmental protection, on all the advantages and it is a lot of consumer focus on the reasons of real wood floor.

3。 Wood floor feels better, the shop is stuck with good flexibility, good wood floor users pacing back and forth in the above line either temperature, touch, and particularly fruity and comfortable foot feeling.

at first sight after the explosion that absolute wood tile? But actually the advantage of ceramic tile also is very obvious, to count the advantages of ceramic tile below:

the advantages of ceramic tile

1. The permeability of outdoor ceramic tile is more superior, with flexible, frost resistance, resistance to crack, and exterior insulation system integration. Generally choose ceramic tile is the best in the bathroom, easy to clean, also becomes clean and shiny.

2。 During the life of the ceramic tile of the maintenance and care are more convenient, with a fruity cleaner to undertake cleanness can put a new face on ceramic tile. But the wood floor on the run has very many details need to be careful.

3。 is moistureproof, not easy to worm corrosion, and good daylighting sex more, can according to the main functions of the interior to differentiate where need to use wood floor need to use ceramic tile.

this is this issue about some of the more the ceramic tile and wood floor, feeling learned a lot? If want to know more related content welcome to continue to focus on website!

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