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Ceramic tile and decorate

by:JIABANG     2021-01-10

ceramic tile decorated when there are several steps, so ceramic tile shop with which several steps? Let's speak a lower post to pay attention to matters. ( and decoration)

decking tile laying process the first step is to find a horizontal line. Commodity house floor is uneven, must find out the level before laying brick, the floor is flat. Horizontal line drawn on the wall around the floor. This is a reference line, all the height of the granite floor tiles is standard with this line. If there is no horizon, only rely on the eyes can not judge the flatness of the floor, the floor may be low, the result is bad.

the second step in the process of mixing soil is a brick. The first process is to find out the horizontal line, don't think that is horizontal, the floor must be flat, this is not necessarily as a result, the second step is to do a little bit. Mixed soil, soil is a mixture of sand, cement, water, etc, have very strong bonding effect, granite floor tiles and floor are together, stronger still.

completed the above two processes, and into the next step in the process of ceramic tile shop sticks. The first two steps are preparing for the final step. The weight of the granite floor tiles is dozens of kilograms. It is very difficult, it is difficult to add it to the cement mortar. After laying decking tile, you should beat them in the ceramic tile, forcing the ceramic tile with cement sand stick together.

the brick is lined up correctly should follow through cracks, sewed up, the principle of the brick. So-called crack penetration and good seam requirements should be in a straight line of ceramic tile juncture, shall not be distorted, not to mention seam can't butt. The whole brick paving requirements from the visual Angle of metope and ground, not a half outdoor wood deck tiles or small brick. In order to achieve this standard, must first be arranged before bricklaying brick. If due to the size of the room, inevitably want to avoid is less than half of the small brick, small brick and the brick size should be the average cut into two pieces of more than half of the whole brick, decorate in both Yin and Yang Angle, position should be symmetrical. Creative decoration in the face of this situation, often suggest the owner is adornment with Mosaic brick, Mosaic outdoor wood deck tiles, for visual center, with the whole outdoor wood deck tiles will be neatly arranged on both sides, namely beautiful and solve the problem of 1/2 small pieces of the blocks. However, this approach can make the cost increased slightly.

ceramic tile shop is stuck, should be carried out strictly in accordance with the above steps, otherwise easy to have a gap. Ok, see you next time. ( and decoration)

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