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Ceramic tile and ceramics which good

by:JIABANG     2020-10-09
Believe many friends, need to decorate will be beset with many problems, such as ceramic tile and ceramics the difference between a lot of people will be confused, all think that the two are the same, but the two still have gap. Below small make up will come to reveal the difference between ceramic tiles and ceramics and ceramic tile and ceramics which good. The difference between a, ceramic tile and ceramics - — Tiles and ceramics which good 1, ceramics or a lot of the advantages of itself, its shortcoming is also very significant, it also determines the ceramics in use process by large limitations. In some places some design, ceramics production process and quality requirements are very suitable for, also can achieve the result that is beautiful, but in some places use ceramics for the adornment of metope, will be influenced by environmental factors and other factors, there is a lot of limitations. 2, compared with ceramic tile, ceramics, obviously, the advantages of ceramics ultra-thin characteristics of itself, in its construction, don't need much effort, even without the base compaction, as can adhesion strong, it is use of this characteristic, it make the adornment of metope, modelling is changed, but for wall large professional use. 3, relative to the ceramics and ceramic tile itself technology demand is higher, and high wear resistance, can also be more resistant to dirty, its surface is smooth and bright. 2, 1, concepts, distinguish the difference between the tiles and ceramics, ceramics refers to the piece, usually make metope adornment. Ceramics with metope to keep a certain distance, however, it does not require direct contact and metope, although also can decorate metope ceramic tile, ceramic tile is the whole piece of outdoor wood deck tiles, however, is not, after pasting and metope is completely put together, with cement sand fixed in the middle. 2, thickness, it has very big difference, the thickness of the two ceramics is thin, but not heavy. But the ceramic tile is thicker, weight is more heavy. It also determines the different purposes and different ways to paste. If ceramic tile paste, with the method of the ceramics will cause the fall of ceramic tile. If ceramics will way stickup ceramic tile, would not show a good adornment effect. 3, prevent slippery, usually is used to stick granite floor tiles, the antiskid the better the results for ceramic tile, but the opposite of ceramics, ceramic tile is used for decoration. As smooth as possible, if you don't smooth smooth, quality is bad. Conclusion: the above is the small make up the difference between ceramic tiles and ceramics and decking tile and ceramics which good knowledge, I believe you have more understanding, hope you can help to you, if you want to learn more knowledge, please continue to pay attention to this website!
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