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Ceramic tile and ceramics what is the difference between the two

by:JIABANG     2020-08-19

when doing interior design, we often can see in the construction site of porcelain and ceramic tile, many people mistake to distinguish between the two, in fact, they are essentially difference is very big. So what is the difference between the tiles and ceramics?

1, the essence of ceramics is one of the pieces, commonly used in the adornment of metope, itself is not direct contact with the blank wall, and to keep the corresponding distance between with metope. itself is also a good decoration features, but the form of a rectangular block on morphology, and ceramics completely different; In construction of ceramic tile, need to use the cement is fixed, and is properly filled by cement metope.

2, from the perspective, the thickness of outdoor ceramic tile and ceramics also have the very big difference. thickness is very thin, is far less than the thickness of the ceramic tile, and fitted very light; Relatively speaking, the thickness of the ceramic tile is bigger, fitted very heavy. Because of this, both of the shop is stuck approaches are completely different. If outdoor ceramic tile with ceramics shop is stuck, immediately fall off from the wall; And ceramics tile shop sticks way, basically, its unique aesthetic feeling.

3, ceramics and ceramic tile in the skid resistance has a big difference. The main functions of the ceramics is used for decoration, in order to play a good decoration effect, ceramics surface is more smooth and more good-looking, this leads to the basic no skid resistance; is different, bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles is antiskid features very good kind of ceramic tile, so on the skid resistance, ceramic tile is far better than the ceramics.

4, ceramics and ceramic tile to have a clear division, ceramics is a kind of porcelain, is just like home plate, is almost the same process; is different, belongs to the category of granite floor tiles, ceramic tile have been fired; Process has a very clear distinction between the two, also can saying is completely two kinds of products.

what is the difference between the tiles and ceramics is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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