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Ceramic tile and ceramics to distinguish clearly

by:JIABANG     2020-08-26

a lot of friends in decorating, can consider to choose ceramic tile of ceramics. Because a house, first greets others is the ceramic tile of the ground and wall plaques. Therefore, good ceramic tile ceramic tile is not only for the beautiful sex of whole room play very important role, also decided to the shape of the whole room style type. However, many friends are not clear on the difference between the tiles and ceramics. So, what are the difference between they? The following moments for everyone.

say first ceramic tile, it is a kind of refractory metal oxide, perhaps some half metal oxide, through mixing, pressing, the process of grinding, glazing, etc, the result may be a kind of acid and alkali resistance of porcelain stone building materials. This is known as ceramic tile. It mostly consists of quartz raw materials, the mixture of sand, clay and so on, are now used more widely in indoor decoration, hardness less generally avoid ceramics is big.

ceramics, which is on the surface of the wall looks with some they once thin strips, it to the wall outdoor wood deck tiles, generally very lubrication, is the outdoor wood deck tiles. Many ceramics are very bright, very simple sense, a serious difference of ceramics and outdoor ceramic tile is bibulous rate is that they are not the same, the water absorption of ceramic tile basic within 5%, however, ceramics, is over 10%, and even could be higher. As you all know, water absorption and density are concerned, because their density is different, so the bibulous rate is also different.

in addition, ceramics are generally more lubrication better, but not so ceramic tile, ceramic tile requirements appearance must have had better skid resistance. These are the differences.

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