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Ceramic tile adhesive tile to bubble water

by:JIABANG     2020-07-31

a bubble water main, ceramic tile is in order to make the internal water saturation, bibulous rate is large ceramic tile to make in the use of ordinary cement mortar paste, mortar is not attract moisture, cement hydration can have enough water, and make the tiles paste is firm. Using the ceramic tile adhesive ( adhesive) Because stickup outdoor ceramic tile, ceramic tile adhesive is general by modification, has a good water retention performance, even with high moisture absorption ability of the material, it is also hard to inhale the moisture in binder paste, thus to ensure the mortar in the cement hydration need water, so when ceramic tile paste, also do not need to bubble water.

2, ceramic tile is the cause of the bubble water

outdoor ceramic tile is in order to prevent bubble water to absorb the moisture of water to cement mortar, lest cause an empty drum, fall off, and even crack, especially to metope shop is stuck, before the shop is stuck in metope, need water work on metope, the same is true. is more or less there will be a certain pore, shop before the bubble water, in order to make the pore water adequately, and porcelain tiles because of its high density, porosity, also makes the bibulous rate is very low.

3, what kind of ceramic tile to bubble water

the bubble water to points of ceramic tile brick bibulous rate, bibulous rate & lt; 0. 5% without bubble water when the shop is stuck, and hutch is defended with a glazed wall outdoor wood deck tiles and granite floor tiles, bibulous rate is generally greater than 10%, when the shop is stuck is necessary for bubble water ( If the wall of ceramic tile, bibulous rate is lower than 0. 5% or use ceramic tile adhesive, there would be no bubble water) 。

4, method of ceramic tile of bubble water

since said & other; Bubble water & throughout; , they must be completely submerged ceramic tile, the general contractor will prepare a big basin. Construction group, but there are some irresponsible will stack up ceramic tile use pipes to drench water above, it can only be wetted ceramic tile, ceramic tile is not fully 'drink enough, after the shop is stuck is likely to appear all sorts of problems.

about time, due to different the water absorption of ceramic tile is different, so there is no a specific standard. But the end result is ceramic tile 'drinking enough water, no longer bubbled. Bibulous rate is high, the bubble will be longer. Rainy days the air is humid, the time is reduced; Summer when the weather is dry, time will increase accordingly.

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