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Ceramic tile acceptance

by:JIABANG     2020-11-29

owner decorate finished, don't be excited, because there is a very important things to do, waiting for is the acceptance of the ceramic tile, this is essential to the operation, if because inadvertently overlooked some tile mistake, will give you a check in again after bigger trouble, the ceramic tile of this small make up teach you standard acceptance knowledge, hope can help to you! ( acceptance)

1。 Check to see if the effect of the finishing is personal ideas

before the tile is designed to do well, so after ShuiTie ceramic tile is equivalent to if not accord with design white do, such as asking for is the diamond inclined shop owner, it will not be able to shop USES a horizontal or vertical laying method. In addition to the shop is stuck method, check the tile shop sticks direction is correct, with or without inversion phenomenon; Tile and the waist position is correct, if there's any deviation or height error, and so on and so forth. can't shave loss place

ceramic tile is in the process of the shop is stuck, easy scratches or damage due to careless construction ceramic tile. Acceptance, be the first to see whether any scratches or difficult to remove the stain on the surface of the ceramic tile, outdoor wood deck tiles surface for signs of the crushing collapse Angle, etc. If there is this kind of phenomenon must be timely to reflect of decorate teacher let him to repair. Whole slope check

good shop granite floor tiles, after some places are generally need to have a slope, such as between wei yu, balcony and have the kitchen granite floor tiles should be enough since the drainage slope of the floor drain. Slope should meet the requirements of flood water, water. Acceptance of granite floor tiles must try water, especially in a bathroom, kitchen, tilt to the floor drain, so that water is flowing fast and drainage fast. Check to see if the ground water flow quickly, at the same time, look for the ceramic tile whether leakage has occurred. Several times when check whether the ground leakage, it is suggested that water, water observation after a period of time.

all in all when doing the tile acceptance everything be careful, if because of his careless and ignore the details will let you stay later very afflictive! As the cost of the rework! So everything be careful! Finally thank you for watching! ( acceptance)

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