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Ceramic tells you how to buy ceramic tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-16
The so-called decking tile is a kind of building or decoration material made of refractory metal oxides and semi-metal oxides through the process of grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, and sintering. , Always called tiles. Ceramic tiles can be divided into wall tiles and floor tiles according to their characteristics and water absorption. Let's first understand the characteristics of floor tiles and the precautions for purchasing them. 1. Determine the style and consider individual needs. When purchasing floor tiles, you must first consider your overall style, determine the approximate color tone of the tiles, so as to coordinate with the overall style of the room, and pay attention to some of your own individual needs. At present, the main ones are divided into two categories: vitrified tiles and outdoor ceramic tile. Most of the commonly known antique tiles now refer to outdoor ceramic tile! 2. How to determine the specifications of floor tiles When considering the specifications of floor tiles, we should pay attention to the following two aspects: First, the size of the living room, do not blindly pursue large-format floor tiles. Generally speaking, 600*600 specifications are recommended for those below 40 square meters, and 800*800 specifications are recommended for those above 40 square meters. When choosing, you must also consider the actual area that can be seen by people after the house is decorated with furniture. If the visible area is small and the size of the bricks is too large, it will not be coordinated. Second, you must also pay attention to the tiles of the same series. The larger the specification, the higher the price. The place where decoration can be saved must be saved! 3. How to choose the supporting products of floor tiles The supporting products of floor tiles mainly include horizon, floor parquet, corner line and so on. Horizon: Mainly to make the living room floor more surplus and change, some lines that look particularly concise, mainly processed by some tiles that are different from the main color of the floor tiles, generally dark-colored tiles are mainly used for processing, and some antique tiles There are also some matching horizons to choose from. Mainly used in places around the ground or overhangs in aisles. Floor parquet: floor decoration paintings made of ceramic tiles. Now basically those who buy bricks can be commissioned for processing. There are many patterns to choose from. When choosing processing, you should pay attention to the background color of the parquet and the colors of other tiles on the floor. Consistent with the pattern! It is mainly used at the entrance or under the coffee table and dining table in the living room and dining room. Corner line: Mainly to protect the wall skirt.
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