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Cement tile is good

by:JIABANG     2021-05-11

  Cement is a material that we must use when decorating. It is not only used for the floor, but also used for the tile. But with the rapid development of technology, the current cement paste Tiles seem to be questioned, and more are replaced by tile glue. Is this good? Let's discuss it briefly below! (Cement tiles)

   When mixing cement, if the content of cement is small, it will easily fall off for a long time, and this phenomenon will directly lead to hollowing of the tiles. Empty tiles in the bathroom, this phenomenon is very common in our lives, maybe everyone did not pay attention to it at first, but we all know that once the tiles appear hollow, they will fall. We usually use the bathroom. , If the tiles happen to fall, it will endanger our lives, and the consequences are unimaginable.

  Because cement is a more traditional material, it has many drawbacks, so now the masters are starting to look for alternatives, and tile adhesive is one of these alternatives, presumably compared to traditional cement, The price-performance ratio of tile adhesive is very high, which can save us a lot of decoration costs. Certainly some people will think that this material is very technically challenging when used, but the fact is not like this. It is perfectly fine even for ordinary decorators to use tile glue, and the tiles made with tile glue are perfect. The degree is extremely high, which can greatly save us the time of decorating the house, so it saves us a lot of decoration costs invisibly.

   is still going to blow a wave of tile glue, it can be said to be quite stable, can be pasted with unconventional materials, simple construction, improve efficiency and so on. In addition, the amount of tile glue applied is less, and the thickness of the tile is thinner, but the viscosity is better, two or three times that of cement mortar. Moreover, cement mortar can only be used to paste special wall tiles with specifications below 300×600. Tile adhesives are different from cultural stones, mosaics, etc., and are also suitable for paving with tile glue. Therefore, the current cement tiles can be replaced by tile glue!

   I don’t know what you think? Anyway, the editor thinks that tile glue is better than cement tile on the tile! If you want to know more related content, please continue to pay attention to the official website! Finally, thank you for watching! (Cement tiled)


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