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Care and maintenance methods of polished tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-05
The method of refurbishing polished tiles is basically the same as that of marble, but it needs to use a heavy-duty stone refurbishment machine with 50#---3000# water abrasive pad polishing seven procedures, using the granite polishing method for low-speed, low-pressure polishing, and then do water-based antifouling Antifouling treatment, crystal face treatment. The crystal surface treatment must be treated with a neutral polishing tile special crystal surface agent. If acidic marble crystal surface slurry, crystal surface mud, crystal surface agent, etc. are used, the surface of the polished tile will be unclear. Although it has a certain degree of brightness, it is quite Fuzzy, there is a hazy feeling like the surface of the object is oiled, only after the neutral polished tile crystal surface agent is used, the high-gloss, mirrored and clear effect of the original polished tile will appear when it leaves the factory. Care method 1. Regular neutral detergent cleans the surface and removes general stains. Do not use any strong acid detergent. The cleaning effect of the toilet cleaner at the time is indeed very good, but it also burned the polished tiles. The surface of the crystal layer enlarges the pores. From the second day on, it becomes darker and darker, because the surface layer has been 'burned out' and is not stain-resistant. 2. Neutral crystal surface agent crystal surface care. 3. Special stains such as tea stains, fruit stains, coffee stains, ink stains, etc. can be removed by using high purity H2O2 with a content of more than 27.5% and paper towels to cover and soak for 2-3 hours. (Note: H2O2 should not be in direct contact with the skin and must be operated with rubber gloves.) Maintenance method 1. Before using the polished tiles after being paved, in order to avoid damage to the brick surface during the construction of other projects, use woven bags and other items that are not easy to decolorize for protection , Cover the outdoor wood deck tiles surface. 2. If you need to use a nailing air compressor on the paved brick surface, use wooden boards and other objects to cushion the air compressor. It is strictly forbidden for the wheels of the air compressor to directly contact the brick surface to avoid damage to the bricks caused by the vibration of the air compressor. The impact of the surface. 3. Please use dry mopping as much as possible when cleaning and mopping the floor daily, and use less wet mopping. If the part is dirty or stained, you can use household cleaners, such as detergent, washing powder, etc., or use Dongpeng decontamination agent. Apply floor wax regularly or irregularly according to the usage, and polish it after it dries to keep the brick surface as bright as new. If the economic conditions are better, please use the crystal surface treatment to achieve the effect of a high-end hotel.
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