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Avoid empty drum ceramic tile shop sticks

by:JIABANG     2021-05-21

a lot of people may be home ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile after a period of time will appear empty drum, the problem of the question for you is to face, to introduce below small make up on how to avoid empty drum ceramic tile shop sticks?

1, choose the ceramic tile adhesive instead of cement. adhesive for modified cement, by adding a variety of polymers, will further improve the performance of traditional cement, more flexibility and aging resistance, adhesive property for 2 ~ 3 times of the traditional cement. Its principle and diffusion bonding principle mainly for adsorption principle, strong adaptability, can be in building materials with different base on the shop is stuck, such as ( Turn on outdoor wood deck tiles, glass tile, etc. ) 。 The ceramic tile adhesive tile, can solve the low water absorption of ceramic tile wall problem. 2, choose targeted binder. All kinds of ceramic tile products on the market, due to different firing technology is also different to the requirement of construction materials. Special binder such as Mosaic and ceramic tile, stone material chooses binder is different. Mosaic with different materials such as glass, ceramics, platinum, each kind of material by the ph of binder is different. For the large size of microcrystal, sheet, to the requirements of the binder is distinct from ceramics, archaize outdoor wood deck tiles, etc. So when the binder in the decking tile of choose and buy products, should choose to match the binder with this kind of ceramic tile products. 3, choose high quality ceramic tile adhesive. Binder in appearance with general cement is not too big difference, under normal circumstances is gray and white, white is commonly used stone. shop is facing is how to avoid empty drum is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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