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Avoid empty drum ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-08-04

floor outdoor wood deck tiles is a kind of common ground material, floor and granite floor tiles is not good, easy to appear the phenomenon of empty drum. empty drum will not only effect the beauty of the family, for the life of people may cause problems at the same time. How to avoid empty drum ceramic tile?

1, shop sticks ceramic tile at the grass-roots level to handle

empty drum ceramic tile main way of one reason is that the shop is stuck, method not ready will cause an empty drum ceramic tile. So when ceramic tile, to basic level processing first clean, also wet metope grassroots in advance, and humidity in the 30 - best About 70%.

2, ceramic tile, clean and soaking process

second, also want to keep it clean, on the surface of the ceramic tile with besmirch to clean in time. Then soaked with water, about two hours to wait for outdoor ceramic tile not bubbling out, dry again after the shop is stuck.

3, cement mortar should be full uniform

we all know that complementary makings is an indispensable part of ceramic tile, commonly used materials: cement, mortar, etc. , these materials must mix evenly, avoid empty drum ceramic tile. And wall ceramic tile, cement takes time, so at this time to observe cement solidification might be subsiding.

4, set aside enough expansion joints

when heated ceramic tile, can appear the phenomenon of heat bilges cold shrink, so in order to avoid the phenomenon of empty drum ceramic tile. Shop sticks ceramic tile, be sure to set aside 2 - 5 mm gap, avoid ceramic tile is heated, resulting in an empty drum ceramic tile or fall off.

how to avoid empty drum ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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