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Are there any techniques for laying tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-04-27

  Paving tiles is a technical task. This is the main reason why the current tile workers charge so much but there is no doubt about it, because not everyone does it, and there are a lot of exquisite things to do Skillful, this edition will take you briefly to understand the related skills of laying tiles, and see if we can help you! (Paving tiles)

   1. When laying tiles, you must leave a gap. Many people don’t understand it because they think that the gap has a greater impact on the overall beauty. , But in fact there are many reasons. First, ceramic tiles have the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction: ceramic tiles and cement mortars that are attached to tiles will have thermal expansion and contraction problems. In the process of temperature or moderate changes, ceramic tiles and cement mortar will exist. A certain degree of flexibility, if no seams are left, will cause the tiles to bulge or crack during later use.

  2. When laying tiles, you should also pay attention to the treatment of joints. Generally speaking, it is better to fill the joints after the tiles are dry. If the tiles are not completely dry, they may cause the joints to be filled. The unevenness or looseness of the tiles will be easy to fall off in the future; therefore, the filling time should be better after the tiles are paved for 24 hours. In addition, when caulking, you first need to clean the dust and impurities in the joints of the bricks, and then squeeze and fill the joints with the caulking agent. Note that when filling, be sure to squeeze and fill fully, and clean up immediately after the joints are filled. Filling material for outdoor wood deck tiles surface!

  3. Finally, let’s talk about some techniques of wet laying tiles. Simply put, the wet laying method is to smear the back of the floor tiles with cement mortar and stick them directly on the ground. This approach requires two attentions. One problem: First, pay attention to the flatness of the ground. If the flatness error is large, you need to level the ground. Second, in order to increase the adhesion strength, it is best to gouge the ground or roughen the ground. Increase the contact area between the tiles and the ground, and increase the firmness of the tiles.

   Generally speaking, some of the techniques for laying tiles are the above mentioned. If you want to know more about it, please continue to pay attention to our official website! Here is the most authoritative information, thank you for watching! See you in the next issue! (Paving tiles)


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