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Are polished tiles non-slip?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-04
Polished tiles are polished on the surface as the name implies. Of course, the surface is smooth, so of course they will be slippery when wet. Under normal conditions, they can absorb water, but their water absorption rate is relatively low, so just save them. Dryness and anti-slip are still possible. These processes have been considered during the production process, mainly because they need to be maintained daily. 1. What is a polished tile? A polished tile is a kind of bright outdoor wood deck tiles that is polished on the surface of the whole body outdoor wood deck tiles body, which is a kind of whole body brick. Polished tiles have a much smoother surface than full-body tiles, and the ground covered with polished tiles can reflect the shadows of people. On the basis of the use of bleed-through technology, polished tiles can make a variety of imitation stone and wood effects. Polished tiles are hard and wear-resistant, which is a good material for floor decoration, which can often create a luxurious and magnificent effect. If polished tiles are used in home decoration, they should be avoided as floor decoration materials for toilets, kitchens, and studies. The surface is too bright to use these ranges, which makes people feel a little nervous and dazzling, and it is easy to show stains at the same time. Polished tiles are suitable for corridors, halls, balconies, exterior wall decorations, etc. Polished tiles have many unique advantages: no radioactive elements, basically controllable, no color difference, high bending strength, thin brick body, light weight, and non-slip. However, polished tiles also have fatal weaknesses. The uneven pores left during the production of polished tiles can trap dirt and dirt, causing the surface to easily infiltrate contaminants, and even some tea water poured on the polished tiles will be weak. 2. Is the polished tile slip resistant? The polished tile is of the same material, hard and wear-resistant, and has a low water absorption rate. Therefore, the friction is high, which is conducive to anti-skid. But be aware that if the tiles are used for a long time, there will be problems, such as wear and glaze loss, which can easily turn the original non-slip tiles into slippery tiles. Advantages of polished tiles: Advantage 1: No radioactive elements: Natural stone is a mineral, not sintered at high temperature, so it contains a few trace radioactive elements, long-term exposure will be harmful to the human body; Polished tiles will not cause harm to the human body; Advantage 2: Basically controllable and no color difference: Natural stone has a large color difference due to the diagenesis time and the depth of the rock layer. The polished tiles are carefully adjusted, the same batch of products have the same color, and basically no color difference; advantage three: high bending strength: natural stone is a natural composition Time, weathering, etc. are not the same, resulting in different degrees of compactness and strength; polished tiles are pressed by thousands of tons of hydraulic presses, and then sintered at a high temperature above 1200 ℃, with high strength; Advantage 4: thin bricks, light weight: natural stone due to strength It is low, so the processing thickness is large and heavy, which increases the load weight of the building on the floor, posing a potential threat, rising costs, and increasing difficulties in transportation and paving. In fact, all polished tiles are non-slip. If there is soil on the tiles, it will be slippery, and water will be astringent. Therefore, as long as the daily cleaning is done, the anti-slip effect will not be affected. In terms of non-slip performance, polished tiles are the same as matt tiles. Anti-slip principle of polished tiles: 1. What is the anti-slip principle of polished tiles? Polished tiles have low water absorption, and water splashed on the surface of the tiles does not absorb. Such performance characteristics make many consumers think that there are water marks on the surface of the tiles, no matter what Tiles will become very slippery. In fact, this is a very wrong understanding. The glazed surface of the polished tile has undergone a special anti-slip treatment during the production process. Due to changes in market demand, most of the current tile manufacturers will also appropriately improve the anti-slip performance of the polished tile. In general, the polished tile is in In the past ten years, there has been a qualitative leap in anti-skid performance, which has made it always in a leading position. 2. Don't be impatient when the tiles are not slip resistant. If the tiles are used for a long time, there will be problems, such as wear, glaze loss and so on. Such damage can easily turn the original non-slip tiles into a veritable 'skating rink'. The tiles become smooth, as long as the reason is that the outdoor wood deck tiles surface has less gray seams, splashed water stains during use, hard-soled shoes, and sand. At this time, it is recommended that you use some anti-slip agent for tiles properly. As long as you clean the polished tiles, you can use the anti-slip agent. Pay attention to uniformity and clean it after use. This process is not complicated, and it works every time. Can last a long time.
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