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Are fully polished glazed tiles wear-resistant?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-14

   When it comes to the question of whether the fully polished glazed tile is wear-resistant, it is also necessary to understand in the actual use process. Before the decoration, people attach great importance to the quality of the material. The quality of the material is actually related to the future use Longevity issues and aesthetic issues need to be very carefully selected in the actual selection. Let's find out below.

  1. Life: Fully polished glazed tiles are very wear-resistant ceramic tiles. Now they are usually bright surface glaze or bright convex flower glaze. Fully polished glazed tiles are polished tiles and antiques. The strengths of the bricks are integrated. The glazed surface is smooth and clean like polished bricks, and will not be easily worn out. The service life of the bricks should be about 3 times that of ordinary micro-powder bricks. 2. Process: Full-polished glaze is a kind of formula glaze that carries out a very special polishing process on the glaze. It is a glaze applied to the final layer of antique tiles. During the production process, pay attention to the glaze. For the production of patterns, like antique tiles, the pictures are richer, and the colors are also very heavy or gorgeous. Under fine craftsmanship, this kind of tiles is still more wear-resistant. 3. Design: Some of the fully polished outdoor ceramic tile produced in China need to be improved in terms of design and technical equipment. Therefore, some fully polished glazed tiles also require more exquisite technology. However, the current fully polished glazed tiles are despite their design. It is much better than before, and still needs good processing in some aspects, such as anti-pollution and appearance of raw materials, etc., which need very good improvement.  4. Advantages: Fully polished outdoor ceramic tile are a kind of bright tiles formed by using whole body bricks and polished their appearance. The appearance of fully polished glazed tiles is smoother than that of whole body tiles. The fully polished glazed tiles have the advantages of being strong and wear-resistant, so they are more suitable for use in most indoor spaces except toilets and kitchens. The use of oozing skills makes the aesthetic aspect very strong. To a certain extent, it is also a representative of identity and image. 5. Defects: The fully polished glazed tiles are strong and very wear-resistant, and are more suitable for large-area indoor paving. An antifouling layer is added to the surface, and this antifouling layer makes the fully polished glazed tiles lose the reality of the whole body outdoor wood deck tiles. effect. If you want to continue the whole body, you need to continue to brush the antifouling layer. In fact, it is also the favorite of decorators, but the high and low pores left during the manufacture of this kind of ceramic tiles will hide some dirt, and it is easy to enter pollutants on the outside. The question about whether the fully polished glazed tile is wear-resistant has been shared with you from the above aspects. I believe that you have a more detailed understanding of the fully polished glazed tile from these sharing introductions. The actual selection needs to be based on your own home. To judge by the actual situation, consumers can also refer to the top ten famous ceramic tiles. Hope to buy better tiles.

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