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Are all glazed tiles good?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-18

  Is it okay to use full polished glazed tiles in the living room? Is it really suitable for home decoration? Some people say that full polished glazed tiles are beautiful and atmospheric, while others say that full polished glazed tiles are radiation-resistant, and everyone has different opinions. It's confusing. So today, the editor will analyze from multiple angles whether the fully polished glazed tiles are good or not, and provide you with a reference.

   fully polished outdoor ceramic tile belong to a special formula glaze, which combines the advantages of polished tiles, antique tiles and porcelain slices. It is calcined at high temperature. The surface is transparent and smooth, with rich patterns and gorgeous colors. It is a rare floor decoration material, which can be used in the living room to enhance the overall decoration effect of the living room. Is it okay to use polished glazed tiles in the living room? Full polished glazed tiles are hard, wear-resistant, suitable for large-area indoor laying, and are very suitable for use as floor decoration materials for living rooms, but compared to other bricks, fully polished outdoor ceramic tile There is no large-scale production in China, so the low penetration rate, the more complicated production process, and the more difficult production technology determine that the quality of fully polished outdoor ceramic tile is difficult to guarantee, but this is also indirect from another aspect. It shows that this kind of complicated production will only occur when all glazed tiles are polished. Are fully polished glazed tiles okay? Many people have heard some rumors about the radiation of fully polished glazed tiles and rejected them thousands of miles away. They think that making fully polished glazed tiles into living room floor decoration materials will often interact with our human body. Exposure is harmful to human health. In fact, you don’t have to worry about this problem at all. The fully polished glazed tiles that can be sold on the market meet the health standards set by the country. However, there are also a few irregular small vendors who sell you untested fully polished tiles to make a profit. are polished, so it is recommended that you still buy it in a formal large-scale store to get a guarantee for your own health.

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