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Archaize brick how to clean the dirty?

by:JIABANG     2020-05-01
< / p > < p > who can guarantee that every day carefully protect the outdoor ceramic tile clean? My dear friends, if, you accidentally get stains on the ceramic tile, can use the following method to clean, you also a nice clean house! < / p > < p > in numerous ceramic tile category, in fact, because of the characteristics of all kinds of ceramic tile is different, so the cleaning way also is not the same. Then take charge of the family of the shop is stuck archaize brick should be how to clean the dirty? Due to the pattern of archaize brick and concave and convex shape, not as smooth as a brick, so the archaize brick dust easy to hide. Under normal circumstances with soap and water or detergent to clean ( Can use a bristle brush with scrub) Reoccupy clear water after washing, wipe with dry cloth. If is paint or other hard thing, draws on special detergent cleaning archaize brick to deal with. < / p > < p > actually have a lot of archaize brick clean way, below by me introduce for you one by one. < / p > < p > direct is to water and neutral detergent cleaning standard archaize brick. Soap water to add a small amount of ammonia, ceramic tile can be a bright shine; Linseed oil and turpentine, can go to the stains of outdoor ceramic tile, ceramic tile to keep a good finish. < / p > < p > can use detergent to clean stains of archaize brick. If you have any difficult to remove stubborn stains, brick surface can use acid or alkaline, organic solvents, such as surface cleaner to remove the stain, but cleaner has corrosive to the brick surface, so a timely wipe clean and maintenance. < / p > < p > in addition, can use toothpick, brush maintenance of archaize brick, etc. In the case of brick surface have Nick, scratch again place daub toothpaste, can wipe with a soft dry cloth. In addition to brick joints processing can use decontamination creams, dip in with toothpick a few decontamination creams clean aperture place, brush a waterproof agent with brush and then can, and can prevent ooze not only so that water can prevent mould to grow. < / p > < p > choose to wax of archaize brick, regular maintenance, for its gain keep constant, time interval of 2 - In march. To wax the floor like sweeping the floor, the cloth with a little wax, not too much, and then rub in front of a piece of ground. Piece to brush, with no wax wax, wipe away the dirty eyes wax at any time, until all the ground clean. According to this method will not spent. < / p > < p > rubber hammer printed decontamination method of use: first use 20% -- 40% sodium hydroxide solution soak cloth rub-up after 24 hours, and then use 30% - 50% hydrochloric acid solution soak for 30 minutes after wipe with a cloth. < / p > < p > tea, fruit stains, coffee, soy sauce, vinegar, leather printing, and so on stains using sodium hypochlorite diluent ( Bleach) , when used for 20 - After 30 minutes wipe with a cloth. Some infiltration in the brick stain for a longer time, soaking time should be a few hours. < / p > < p > ink, anti-fouling wax mould formation of mildew, the use of sodium hypochlorite diluent ( Bleach) 。 When used as long as bleach tu soak for a few minutes can clean the stain. < / p > < p > antifouling paint, oil, oily marker, surface wax layer using alkaline detergents or organic solvents ( And 5 ketone, triethylene) Degreasing agent, to paint. < / p > < p > all kinds of adhesive can use banana oil, pure banana water is a colourless volatile liquid, has the strong smell bananas, slightly soluble in water, soluble in a variety of organic solvents, flammable, mainly used as a solvent and paint thinner. Who can guarantee that every day carefully protect the ceramic tile? My dear friends, if, you accidentally get stains on the outdoor ceramic tile, can try to use the above methods for cleaning, can you also a nice clean house!
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