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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of wood flooring and ceramic tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-08

During the decoration process, many people are entangled in choosing ceramic tiles or wooden floors. In order to make everyone more aware of their needs, I have listed the advantages and disadvantages of wooden floors and ceramic tiles, hoping to help you make a suitable choice.

1. Is the wood floor better or the ceramic tile better?

The economic conditions agree, and it is recommended to choose the wood floor.

As far as comfort is concerned, wooden flooring has a more natural foot feel, better heat preservation and heat insulation, and it is more environmentally friendly and does not contain formaldehyde. Only the price is a bit more expensive than the decking tile. If the economic conditions permit, and I like to play barefoot, I believe that choosing wood flooring will be more comfortable.

Lack of illumination, choose white tile floor.

Some houses have lower floors. Perhaps because of planning shortcomings, the indoor lighting is not particularly good. Using white polished tiles on the ground will make the space more open and bright.

Watch out! The choice of ceramic tiles is still the floor, and it can also be determined according to the interior decoration style. The modern and refined style can be used for the ceramic floor. The retro European style is better.

Second, analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of wood flooring and ceramic tiles

To analyze which is better, wood flooring and ceramic tiles are generally compared from the following aspects:

1, comfort Degree

Wood floor: Natural wood texture, hot in winter and cool in summer. If there is a child at home, it will feel less painful, and it will not be too cold if you step on it barefoot.

Wooden materials do not conduct sound. Even if there is any big movement upstairs, the people downstairs will not feel it strongly. It can cut off the sound and make the room more quiet.

Tile: The comfort is not as good as the wooden floor, and it is more slippery when there is water.

2. Application function

Wood floor: need waxing and maintenance, it will be deformed after being immersed in water, anti-corrosion, waterproof and fireproof function is not as good as ceramic tile.

Ceramic tiles: simple maintenance, simple finishing, and long service life, fireproof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion functions are good.

3. Environmental protection function

Floor master: The wooden floor is made from natural wood, which is non-radioactive and does not contain formaldehyde, so there is no harm to the human body. The environmental protection of solid wood flooring is the best, followed by solid wood composite flooring.

Floor tiles: Although floor tiles are inherently radioactive and have certain damage to the human body, in recent years, most of the floor tiles have reached the scope of national health regulations.

4. Price

Wooden floor: expensive. Those with general economic conditions can choose solid wood composite flooring, which is relatively cheap. The price of solid wood flooring has always been maintained at a higher price, and there is no possibility of lowering it in the short term. The price of solid wood flooring that is slightly better on the market now, with better quality, is at least 200 yuan per square meter.

Ceramic tiles: The price of ceramic tiles is relatively cheap (of course, there are also very expensive ones). When buying, you should not be greedy for cheap. A single decking tile will have radioactive pollution, which is harmful to the human body.

3. How to choose wood flooring/tile flooring

Tips for purchasing wood flooring

1. Recognize whether there is a brand logo and pay attention to the manufacturing company’s Title, address, do not buy Sanwu products. Only strong professional companies have the ability to produce high-quality flooring.

2. The real reinforced composite wood floor should be based on high-density fiberboard, and the difference should be noted. The international standard thickness is 8mm, and products below this thickness should be treated with caution.

3. Wear resistance is a very outstanding strength of laminate flooring. The higher the number of surface wear resistance, the longer the service life of the floor. Since the surface layer of the product is mainly a wear-resistant layer of aluminum oxide (commonly known as artificial diamond), it is strong and wear-resistant, and the value of wear-resistant rotation is usually used to measure this index.

The thickness of the wear-resistant layer is generally 0.60.8mm, but the thickness does not represent the degree of wear resistance. It should be explained by the aluminum oxide content per square meter, generally 33, 38, 46, 62, For several kinds such as 75 grams, the higher the aluminum oxide content, the higher the wear resistance.

The abrasion resistance of the composite floor is checked by the standard abrasion-resistant revolutions. Generally, the abrasion-resistant revolutions above 6000 revolutions can completely satisfy the needs of home decoration. Selling the decorative panels used to decorate the walls must not meet the wear resistance requirements. To determine whether the products are fake or inferior, you can use sandpaper to grind the floor on the floor. The fake and inferior products are easy to find quickly.

need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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