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Analysis of construction technology of wall tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-30

   In the house decoration, there are really many things worth talking about, such as the wall tile construction process. This is the main content I want to say today, and the things I write have always been Wonderful, because I am a very literary kid. In this article, the editor will also mention the analysis of the wall tile construction process:

  1. Before plastering, water and moisten it in advance. Spread the bottom mortar: After the wall is wet, use 1:3 cement mortar to scrape a strip of about 6mm thick, then use a wooden pole to smooth it, rub the hair with a wooden wipe, and water the next day for curing.  2. When the ash of the base layer is 60 to 70% dry, the line can be divided into grids. Arrange bricks: Arrange bricks horizontally and vertically according to the large sample drawing and wall size. Large walls and stacks should be arranged in whole bricks, and in the horizontal and vertical arrangement on the same wall, there should be no more than one row of non-whole bricks. The non-whole brick rows should be arranged in secondary places, such as the wall between the windows or the shaded corners. But also pay attention to consistency and symmetry. In case of protruding pieces, use whole bricks to cut and fit, and do not use non-whole bricks to patch together randomly.  3. Dip tiles: Before mounting, first clean up the tiles, put them in clean water and soak them for more than 2 hours, take them out and wait for the surface to dry or wipe clean before use.  4. Inlaid facing tiles: Inlaying generally starts from the external corners and proceeds from bottom to top, leaving the non-integral facing tiles at the internal corners. It is advisable to use 1:2 cement mortar on the back of the tile, the thickness of the mortar is 6-10mm. After attaching it, tap it lightly with the handle of the ash shovel, then use a steel blade to adjust the vertical seam, and use a ruler to adjust the plane and verticality through standard points. Another way is to use 1:1 cement mortar mixed with a proper amount of bonding glue, and paste 3-4mm thick on the back of the outdoor wood deck tiles. In this way, the base layer of ash must be smeared smoothly, and the sand must be used after being screened with window screens.  5. Tile jointing and wiping: The horizontal and vertical joints are dry squeezing joints, and those smaller than 3mm should be treated with white cement and pigment. For those larger than 3mm, after hooking the tile seams, wipe clean with a cloth or cotton thread dipped in dilute hydrochloric acid.   Do you know how to buy wall tiles? If you don’t know, read my article today, I think you should understand it. In fact, the craftsmanship of this wall tile is really important. According to this craftsmanship, you will definitely learn more about decking tile brands. I hope everyone can learn from the knowledge I said!

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