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American tiles renderings, tile matching skills

by:JIABANG     2021-05-01

American style is very popular nowadays, so many families will tell designers to adopt American style when decorating, but there will be many details in the process of decorating. Today, the editor will come to talk to everyone. Talk about how to match the floor tiles in the American style.

I. Features of American style decoration

American style is a form of American lifestyle that has evolved to today. The United States is a country that advocates freedom, which has also created its free, casual and unruly lifestyle, without too many artificial modifications and constraints, inadvertently it has also achieved another kind of casual romance, and American culture is another Transplant culture as the dominant context, it has the extravagance and extravagance of Europa, and combines the unruly water and soil of the American continent. The result of this combination is to get rid of many fetters, but it can also find new nostalgia and nostalgia for the cultural foundation. Add the atmosphere without losing the comfortable and casual style.

These elements of American home furnishing style also cater to the needs of current cultural property owners for lifestyle, namely: a sense of culture, a sense of nobility, and a sense of comfort and sentiment. So, let's take a look at what American home decoration looks like with the editor!

Second, American-style decoration of the living room

As a hospitality area, the living room is generally required to be concise and bright, and the decoration is brighter and brighter than other spaces, usually using a lot of stone and wood veneers Decoration; Americans like things with a sense of history. This is not only reflected in the fondness of antique art in soft decorations, but also reflected in the preference for various antique wall tiles, stone and various old craftsmanship in decoration. Pursuing.

Points of matching: The spotted tiles add a bit of lively atmosphere to the living room, and the brown sofa and wall decoration make the whole living room full of magnificence and extravagance. Classical style furniture blends modern art, simple and classic, giving people a sense of elegance and atmosphere.

The key points of matching: The square lattice puzzle tiles are used to form a sharp contrast with the historical decoration of the wall. It not only has the heavy sense of American-style history, but also does not lose the luxurious and romantic atmosphere. Gorgeous chandelier and soft wall lamp complement each other, adding a bit of bright and gorgeous to the living room.

The key points of matching: The large oblique square puzzle tiles echo the suspended ceiling, and the large sofas show the atmosphere and casualness of the American style.

Points of matching: The small floral puzzle tiles match the floral sofa, and the whole living room is full of romantic atmosphere.

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