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American tiles renderings, how to choose matching

by:JIABANG     2021-05-01

American-style decoration should be accompanied by American-style floor tiles. American-style floor tiles are elegant and noble, and have the unruly waters and soils of the American continent. There is a noble, nostalgic, comfortable and casual style, which is loved by many consumers, and many friends I don't know how to choose American floor tiles, so the editor comes to chat.

1. Whole body outdoor wood deck tiles

The whole body outdoor wood deck tiles is characterized by the same color and pattern from the bottom to the surface, because it is used in the process of pressing It is the same kind of powder, so this effect is produced. It can also be used in American-style decoration, and it can be harmonious with proper matching.

2, polished tiles

You must have heard that polished tiles are actually the surface of the green body of a whole-body brick that has been polished to become a brighter brick, and the surface of the polished tile is relatively smooth. , It has better abrasion resistance and is very resistant to dirt, so it is suitable for use in spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens.

3. Vitrified tiles

Compared with polished tiles, vitrified tiles are more resistant to dirt, so many owners will choose vitrified tiles, because vitrified tiles are high-temperature fired Manufactured, so it is more wear-resistant than polished tiles, but also more expensive than polished tiles in terms of price.


The surface of outdoor ceramic tile is made by mixing glaze at high temperature. Its outdoor wood deck tiles body is made of clay and china clay, so maybe you don’t have it. Concept, let’s analyze it from the perspective of color. The glazed surface of pottery clay is red, while the glazed surface of porcelain clay is off-white, so the color of outdoor ceramic tile is very beautiful and very ornamental.

5. Antique bricks

So in American style decoration, antique bricks are often used. Antique bricks are actually evolved from outdoor ceramic tile. In the process of American decoration Will be used often, its effect is very retro, so it is very suitable for American style decoration.

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