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All kinds of ceramic tile to introduce the advantages and disadvantages

by:JIABANG     2020-10-20
is one of the indispensable building materials product when outfit, but there are many kinds of ceramic tile on the market, different types, their advantages and disadvantages of each are not identical also, therefore, carefully selected cannot be careless. So, what is a good ceramic tile? Here we introduce in detail: advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of ceramic tile, hope can help to you. A, what is a good decking tile - - - - - - - - Polishing brick it is fired clay and stone powder to make double sides are the same colour and lustre, no glaze, burn, surface after polishing processing, make positive very smooth, very beautiful. Advantages: stone after polishing processing, make the surface more bright and clean, can let a space look after the shop is stuck up more bright and shiny. Disadvantages: its surface is too smooth, not prevent slippery effect, the earth once stained the water will become very slippery. Second, what is a good ceramic tile - - - Bo changes a brick and polishing it somewhat similar, but craftsmanship is higher, to pass through the high temperature burn to the whole porcelain, is widely used in the place such as sitting room, bedroom, aisle. Advantage: it is the upgrade version of polishing to turn, the surface is not need special treatment, it is very bright, can solve the problem of polishing outdoor wood deck tiles is easy to dirty. Disadvantages: although bo changes a brick surface bright, high wear resistance, but there is a single color, stain, not slippery, and so on shortcomings, therefore, cannot be used for easy dirty place such as toilet and kitchen. Third, what is a good decking tile - - - Glazed tile it is fired with glaze together to make products, the main body is divided into clay and China clay, clay fire products on the back of the red, called the tile. Porcelain clay fire products are pale, the back is called decking tile. The whole or porcelain clay fire products better. Advantages: glazed tile surface can be painted in all sorts of design and decorative pattern, than polishing a richer, but wear resistance than polishing. Disadvantages: heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon such as prone to cracking. Easy to penetrate the surface density loose, sewage. Four, what is a good ceramic tile - - - Archaize brick archaize outdoor wood deck tiles are introduced from abroad, attribute and ceramic tile, storage space, has the very strong artistic breath. Advantages: archaize brick is a red high temperature fire and become, not only wear-resisting, waterproof, prevent slippery, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, but also has a rich history, can build a nostalgic atmosphere. Weakness: when choosing design and color should pay attention to, do not choose too easy outdated design and color. Article summary: what good advantages and disadvantages as well as a variety of ceramic tile ceramic tile is introduced the relevant knowledge is introduced here, have a friend need to know more information, please continue to pay attention to our website.
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