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All glazed ceramic and what is the difference between polishing brick?

by:JIABANG     2020-04-29
< / p > < p > all glazed outdoor ceramic tile is different from common polished tile, the surface of the glaze for special crystal glaze wear-resisting, high temperature sintering molecules after fully closed, almost no gap, can long time durable highlight not bleak, hard wear-resisting, will become more light outdoor ceramic tile, when decorating, make houses more bright and clean bright beautiful, gorgeous. < / p > < p > the sitting room, bedroom, study; Or is in the hotel lobby on the ground, metope, cylinder, elevator, corridor; Dry hanging to the metope of grade a office, reception lobby wall ground image wall, elevator, etc can all glazed ceramic granite floor tiles. < / p > < p > all glazed ceramic tile specifications < / p > < p style = 'line. . . 高度:2 em; 文本- - - - - - 对齐:左; '> the size of all glazed polished tile is generally have: 250 * 300 mm, 300 * 300 mm, 300 * 400 mm, 300 * 450 mm, 300 * 500 mm, 300 * 600 mm, 400 * 400 mm, 500 * 500 mm, 600 * 600 mm 600 x900 1000 x1000mm, thickness of about 10 mm. < / p > < p > all glazed outdoor ceramic tile process < / p > < p > all is glazed ceramic glaze color, its body process similar to the general of glazed tile, the main difference is that it is in after the end of glaze is printed, then a layer of transparent glaze, firing after throw the whole surface glaze to part of a reserved part surface glaze layer, printing, bottom. < / p > < p >
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