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After reading this, you know whether the living room should be tiled or floored

by:JIABANG     2021-05-03

Many people who decorate the living room will be entangled in whether to lay the floor or tiling tiles. To know the answer, you must first know the advantages and disadvantages of laying the floor and tiling tiles. Today I will talk about this issue.

From the perspective of thermal insulation, the thermal insulation of the floor has the upper hand; because of the fast heat conduction of the floor tiles, the thermal insulation performance is relatively poor, especially in winter, the whole living room will give people a feeling. It is very cold and not quiet. If the living room is facing north, the situation will be more severe; but for friends who use floor heating, the insulation durability of floor tiles is better than that of wooden floors. When laying the wooden floor, it will affect the heat transfer effect of the heating.

From the perspective of softness, the floor has the characteristics of beautiful and durable. The natural wood species can well express one's life style. Too hard ground will make the feet feel uncomfortable. In order to ensure the wear-resisting life of the ground in public places with a large amount of wear, harder ground materials have to be used, and the wooden floor with better elasticity is used in living areas such as rooms, which not only makes the feet feel comfortable , And can greatly reduce the impact noise on the floor, fundamentally solve the problem of excessive noise, and make the room more warm and peaceful.

From the perspective of maintenance, the cleaning procedure and maintenance of the floor are much faster and easier. For example, for oil stains and water stains, their damage to the floor is more severe; the floor tiles are almost harmless ; The floor is greatly affected by weather and humidity; it needs regular maintenance; it is easy to deform and warp after immersion; the service life is relatively short.

Comparing floor tiles from styles and patterns: Because of the complete variety, brilliance, many flower cavities, and different specifications, there is a lot of room for designers to display, and it is easier to design The effect of the floor: it is weaker than the floor tiles in the selection of brilliance, style, etc. It is not easy to come up with special effects.

Compared with the floor from the construction process: the construction process is constant and has the same technical scale. Floor tiles: Large floor tiles have higher requirements for laying, and the cost of labor is higher. Of course, the overall effect of large floor tiles will be better; the laying of small floor tiles requires a lower labor cost, and the overall effect is also worse.

Comparing flooring from environmental protection performance: it is mainly divided into three categories: solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring (enhanced flooring) and composite flooring. Among the three, the environmental protection of solid wood flooring is the best, followed by solid wood composite flooring. However, formaldehyde will be released to some extent. Floor tiles: It has generated radioactivity and is harmful to the human body. In recent years, most of the floor tiles have reached the national health standard. But in terms of single environmental protection, the environmental protection of the floor is better.

Comparing the floor with the material: The material is very complicated. Because of the huge difference in tree species and the sun or shade of the trees, the material has strong regional differences. Of course, the market The paint finishes of the paint-free and planer-free floors in the market are all cured by ultraviolet radiation, which increases the stability of the material. Floor tiles: The materials are relatively similar, and the components of the tiles in various places are almost similar, and there will be no adaptation to the region.

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