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Acceptance Standards for Ceramic Tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-05

Ceramic tiles are the outermost material on the ground in the home environment. The color and style are very important. This depends on the owner’s preference, and the technique of laying tiles depends on the master’s technique. Owners cannot ignore this. Link, so let’s introduce the acceptance criteria for tile tiling.

  Approval criteria for the process of tiling tiles:

   1. Pay attention to whether the floor tiles need to be parqueted or laid in a uniform direction.

  2. Check the flatness of the floor tiles with a 2-meter level, the error shall not exceed 0.5mm, the height difference between adjacent tiles shall not exceed 0.5mm, and the straightness of the gap shall be 3mm. When the floor tiles are laid, other types of work shall not be polluted. Don't step on it. After the completion of the floor tiles, the joints will be cleaned 24 hours, followed by cleaning and maintenance.

  3. The hollowing phenomenon of floor tiles is controlled within 3%. The hollowing of the main channel must be reworked. 3% refers to a single corner hollowing, and the whole block shall not be hollowed.

  4. After the floor tiles are laid, check the flatness for errors, hollowing, chromatic aberration, etc., cover them with thick cardboard or plywood, old carpets, etc., and use wide paper tape to paste tightly between the board seams , Prevent debris from entering.

  5. Under normal circumstances, the level of the floor tiles is allowed to have an error of 2 mm, the gaps between the floor tiles must be consistent, and the diagonal corners of the tiles should be flat (0.3 mm error allowed), kitchen and bathroom walls In addition to the diagonals between the bricks and the bricks, the facing tiles should be level (1 mm error allowed) and verticality (2 mm error allowed) to be achieved. Floor tiles in bathrooms and balconies need to be considered for floor drain, and the slope must be placed first. , If there is no special reason, there should be no standing water.

   6. After the wall tiles and floor tiles are paved, the joints should be filled with wet grout with 'grouting agent' or 'white cement.

  7. Whether the cracks on the outdoor wood deck tiles surface are regular and consistent, the joints are even and tidy, the cracks between the bricks are not more than 1mm, and the error of the tiles is not more than 0.8cm.

   8. Whether the bathroom, balcony and kitchen floor tiles with floor drain have sufficient self-draining slope.

   9. Whether the outdoor wood deck tiles surface has broken corners.

   10. Whether the direction of the tiles is correct and there is no reversal phenomenon.

  11. Whether the tile and waistline position is correct, there is no deviation or height error phenomenon. I hope it will be helpful to you about the acceptance criteria of the decking tile process!

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