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A kitchen to decorate with small size ceramic tile more!

by:JIABANG     2020-08-29

in the kitchen, in decorating a process there are many problems need to be aware of, such as the kitchen decorate ceramic tile not to waist line, ambry behind don't ceramic tile to avoid waste, etc. Now, find small ceramic tile and became the first choice for people when the kitchen is decorated. As the saying goes, concentration is the essence of a lot of people think that the metope of small ceramic tile stick out more exquisite.

the kitchen is decorated in, the line of sight of people tend to stay in the design of integral kitchen, actually used in the kitchen ceramic tile is also very important. If a single color, larger specifications of dumb light of glazed tile and brick is suitable for the shop is stuck in the sitting room, dining-room with larger area, so colorful, color specifications smaller archaize outdoor wood deck tiles and tile, can spread their kitchen individuation effect, is the first choice for decorating a kitchen.

why the kitchen should choose small size ceramic tile?

in the past kitchen decorate use ceramic tile, metope and ground, almost all are large size light outdoor wood deck tiles. This kind of ceramic tile shop sticks way change is less, the single and adornment effect. Now commodity house, the kitchen area is generally not too big, the use of large size ceramic tile is very difficult to reach the ideal decorative effect. Than the ceramic tile of large size, small size outdoor ceramic tile can use inclined shop floor, and more and combination, build a unique decorative effect, very suitable for use in a small area of the kitchen. Some small ceramic tile on the market specifications and universal in 150 & 150 mm ~ 300 & 300 mm, can both large brick can also be used as an ornament, have very good adornment effect.

the price of small size outdoor ceramic tile more expensive?

in the kitchen of the more popular small size ceramic tile mostly archaize brick. Maybe someone will ask, 800 x 800 mm archaize brick, on the market price of common to reach more than 200 yuan/piece, the small size of archaize brick low price nature also won't? It is understood that each big brand of small size ceramic tile ceramic tile price actually is not high, for example 300 x 300 mm product price of about 50 yuan/piece, the ceramic tile of 150 x 150 mm prices generally around 30 yuan/piece. This conversion, small size ceramic tile is not some consumers as expensive as I thought. And the use of small size ceramic tile can also reduce the loss when the shop is stuck edges, so small size ceramic tile that the kitchen USES actually can save some cost. ( Actual price according to the local market price, this price is for reference only. )

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