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A good way to choose tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-18

   Tile selection, the five principles of choosing a good decking tile during home decoration. For every owner who is decorating, everyone wants to buy high-quality ceramic tiles. However, due to the less attention paid to ceramic tiles, it is often impossible to choose from the dazzling array of ceramic tiles. So how to choose good tiles?

   1. Quality is the soul of the product, and ceramic tiles are no exception. After knowing the types of ceramic tiles, we must thoroughly investigate whether the technical indicators of the ceramic tiles are excellent; the main criteria are wear resistance and water absorption. , Hardness, color difference, size, etc., each item must not be sloppy;

   2, wear resistance is divided into five degrees, from low to high, five degrees are super abrasion resistance, generally not used for home decoration , Home improvement bricks can be selected between one to four degrees;

   3. Water absorption also determines the use of tiles. Tiles with high water absorption have low density and sparse outdoor wood deck tiles holes. They are not suitable for frequent activities. Local use, so as not to be unsuitable for cleaning after absorbing water and accumulating scale; tiles with low water absorption rate have high density and high moisture resistance and dirt resistance;

    4. Hardness directly affects the service life of ceramic tiles, which is particularly important. Use the method of percussion to listen to the sound, the sound is clear and clear, which indicates that the internal quality is good and should not be deformed and broken;  

   5. Color difference and size can be judged intuitively, and check whether the colors of a batch of tiles are roughly the same , Can it be put together better, the color difference is small, and the size is regular; it is the top grade;

How to choose a good decking tile is introduced here. If you want to learn more, you can click on the decking tile brand to learn more.

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