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5 for reasonable and effective to avoid floor craze

by:JIABANG     2020-05-06
< p > you still think frequently, drop, and soft floor brick is not easy but not, in the interior decoration of the actual operation is not at the time, more easy to make floor tile cracks occur. Whose responsibility shall be investigated for nothing to fill the root cause of the floor crack; < p > < / p > 1, caused by variant wall floor tile craze, there will be some horizontal and vertical, or diagonal cracks have rules. Safety precautions: in front of the wall tiles, first please decorate teacher checks shall be implemented for the walls, the walls have installed firmly; In addition, the proposed one side of the wall tile in the shop to do more than a layer of barbed wire, strengthen the walls of the compressive strength and bearing capacity. For heat insulation wall, the thermal insulation layer normally are all made of polystyrene material to, can match the original adiabatic wall down, to replace with labeled with wall brick, etc. Considering the labeled with wall brick has strong adhesive force, reduced the floor tile can be reasonably and effectively cracking, the phenomenon such as craze, only the heat insulation effect will be slightly worse. Also can hang on the polyphenyl board more than a layer of barbed wire, recycled cement pressure plate or magnesium plate, on the wall tile on the shop. < / p > < p > 2, paste agent quality closes nevertheless paste agent quality closes nevertheless can also lead to floor brick after the shop is stuck metope empty drum, cracking and other phenomena occur. Traditional shop metope brick is usually used as adhesives to use mixed mortar, concrete and mortar normally proportioning according to the ratio of 1:1, if you don't even, dosing mixed mortar can not meet the need of adhesive effect; In addition, high sand content of soil, the use of inferior products or expired concrete are not firm will lead to paste and produce the phenomenon such as metope empty drum, craze. Safety precautions: remind many customers use on formal decoration company, standard processing of raw materials. < p > < / p > 3, floor tile not bubble water has a certain bibulous rate of floor tile in front of the shop is stuck without bubble water, after the shop is stuck in a mixed mortar condenses, compressive strength lower, in the whole process of outdoor ceramic tile can absorb the moisture content, leading to concrete water looks not stick relay, the compressive strength is reduced, brick or concrete of concrete on the original wall adhesion force decreases, and frequently, metope empty drum, cause craze. Safety precautions: use mixed mortar to pave metope brick ( Is mainly refers to metope brick) , must advance the granite floor tiles bubble water two hours or so. Brick of the relative density is bigger, the better product quality, must be the shorter the length of bubble water. Thin principle must not be bubble water, the proportioning of the mortar used in detergent containing paste effective ingredient ratio is very large, water-soluble is very strong. < p > < / p > 4, there is no seam in the shop is stuck between floor without enough clearance, will result in the crack of the floor tile is squeezed, metope empty drum or cracking. Safety precautions: granite floor tiles and caulking agent are there will be a phenomenon of heat from the cold, when the shop is stuck, should set aside enough clearance; Caulking agent is a kind of flexible, high compressive strength of the flexible products, filled the floor heat to the thermal expansion coefficient of cold, can to a certain extent avoid metope empty drum, craze. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > 5 there are some faulty materials, poor quality of floor tile products, granite floor tiles is not hard, during the whole process in the use of force is too high, it is more easy to crack, Mainly refers to the floor) 。 Safety precautions: independent choose the brand products. of standard directly associated with the relative density, hardness, when selected, flipped the brick, to understand the opposing side particles more exquisite tile floor of the relative density, the greater the hardness standard, product quality is better; Still can put water floor opposite, if you doesn't ooze water while downflow situation shows that the relative density of brick of the floor is very large, high hardness standards; If water infiltration, the case illustrates the floor tile. < p > < / p >
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