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by:JIABANG     2021-07-01
1. The rise of the top ten brands of 3D floor tiles and 3D background wall manufacturers. In 2015, the concept of 3D tiles was exploded in China's home decoration industry. Chinese people used the dubai local tyrants to enjoy the hype of tiles; in 2016, the concept of 3D tiles continued to ferment and 3D floor tiles were 3D The background wall began to fall to the ground to snatch the market share of the ordinary color-carved background wall. 3D ceramic tile wall and floor tiles began to enter the high-end bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen home living space and nightclubs, restaurants and other commercial places. Foreign ceramic tile importers are looking for 3D ceramic tiles in China. Business! Because 3D tiles integrate the four major technological innovations of 3D painting art, animation technology, stereo imaging technology, and porcelain art technology, and it is necessary to draw and image original high-definition 3D stereoscopic three-dimensional paintings of any size and space according to the user's arbitrary picture theme Then use decking tile high-definition inkjet technology to print and fire. Because of its innovative and personalized strong Ru0026D costs, 100% of ceramic companies are unwilling to invest in this Ru0026D and purchase this technology! Therefore, 2015-2016, China's 3D ceramic tile market The image of Shangshanzhai version is blurry and crudely crafted 3D tiles flood the market. 99% of merchants only want to sell cheap copycat 3D tiles. The demand for high-end tiles has not been met. Fortunately in 2016, more and more merchants and consumers have awakened and needed The consumer group of original high-definition 3D tiles is getting bigger and bigger!
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